How We Learn From Mistakes

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized


One thing in Life that I learn from my mistakes is that you should do well in school. If you don’t your mom or dad will punish you for a week or maybe a month. Something else I learned from is always where shin guards because shin will be hurting a lot. Also bring a Flash drive because   u work might not save properly. You should always respect your teachers because you will be sent to the principle office.

You should always where a helmet why riding a bike because you can get an concussion.          When I was riding my bike I had hurt my leg then I stared to bleed. Then I went to the doctor. You should were a helmet with knee pads and elbow pads because my elbow had broken my elbow then I started to cry then I had got a cast then I went back home.

Finally, don’t ever leave your phone in your pants pocket because your phone will be washed in the washing machine. Always do your homework because If you don’t that will be points taken off of your grade. Always brush your hair because If you don’t you will have beady bead. Then people will start to talk about you. Last mistakes I made always keep your hat in your sleeve because then you will lose it.